Chapter Breakdown

1.0 Understand, analyse and apply management and organisational approaches

1.1 Analyse aspects of organisational behaviour

  • The behaviour of people
  • The process of management
  • The organisational context in which the process of management takes place
  • Organisational metaphors
  • The psychological contract: individual and organisational expectations
  • Interactions with the external environment

1.2 Analyse contemporary approaches to management and organisational behaviour approaches such as:

  • Organisations as a ‘socio-technical’ system
  • The systems approach to organisational behaviour
  • The contingency approach
  • Postmodernism in organisations

1.3 Analyse the origins of management and organisational behaviour

  • Classical approaches to organisational behaviour and management
  • The development and application of scientific management • Bureaucracy in organisational design and structure
  • The human relations approach

1.4 Evaluate influences that shape organisational behaviour

  • The individual
  • The group
  • The organisation
  • Societal influences and the wider environment
  • The cultural environment and methodologies for assessing cultural type