The ISAF Route

What is The ISAF Route?

This is our very own unique flagship program. It is basically an accelerated path to SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants) certification and accreditation. The normal route to SAICA certification normally takes 7-8 years from High School. But, with our ground-breaking, innovative program, learners can achieve SAICA certification in 5-6 years depending on academic background and performance.

Benefits of The ISAF Route

Several Qualifications At Once

An ISAF graduate will complete the program with 4 internationally recognized qualifications in a short period of 5-6 years, saving you both time and money.

SAICA Accreditation

Upon completion, The learner will receive a SAICA certification in 5-6 years, making themselves a Chartered Accountant in South Africa.

Work Experience

Graduates complete the program with relevant work experience, enabling them to gain an easier access to employment in the Finance Industry.

World Class Education All-In-One

In addition to the above mentioned certifications, the learner will also obtain a Master's degree in the five years plus Certified Public Accountant (America) exam for both the CIMA-SAICA route and the ACCA route.

Diverse Education

Candidates not only gain specialist knowledge in Finance and Accounting, but also acquire valuable skills in organisational management, strategy and technology.

Management Qualification

Our ISAF Certification assures employers that you have the skills necessary to progress to more senior managerial posts, moving you up the organisation chart.

ISAF Fee Structure

Year 1: R80,000 (includes tuition & study materials)

Year 2: R80,000 (includes tuition & study materials)

Year 3: R80,000 (includes tuition & study materials)

Year 4: R80,000 (includes tuition & study materials)

What the Fees Gets You

The fee will include tutorials, books, equipment for use i.e. laptop + tablet, as well as formal clothing. Our unique approach also includes paid Work Experience as required by the boards, which may result in a trainee qualifying as an ACCA & CIMA member as well as a Chartered Accountant within a period of at least five years as compared to the usual seven for such qualifications. On top of the qualifications, a student or trainee will also obtain a Master’s degree in the five years plus Certified Public Accountant (America) exam for both the CIMA-SAICA route and the ACCA route.

How to Get Started

This program is designed for the following categories of learners:

1. Matric holders.

2. Diploma and Degree Holders who have not worked.

3. Those who want intensive and professional quality experience which comes with respectable qualifications.

We also assist by either retaining the learners for a long-term working partnership or by placing them with other reputable enterprises. We aim that most of the learners/trainees are placed by the end of the 5th year thus after writing SAICA ITC for CIMA-SAICA route or by 3rd year for degree holders. Where however they have not been placed, we contract them in that year for a net salary of R17000.00 per month thereafter increasing to R25000.00 per month. Our program is therefore unique since we guarantee employment, whether through us or by us.